Sunday, April 03, 2011

2011 Kickoff Class Night Out

The Class of 74 held court at the Time Out Sports last night. A total of 20 altogether including classmates and spouses made the event. The atmosphere provided by The Time Out was great though a little hard to hear!! It was interesting that we occupied a corner of the establishment and could observe the younger generation in action on the other side and on the dance floor. We did get a lot of looks from the other side from all the "kids" all probably wondering who the heck this lively looking bunch was, and probably marveling they are really having a good time! It was a little freaky knowing hearing some of those kids were kids of classmates! Some of those kids we saw on the dance floor will never be candidates for Dancing with the Stars! A few of our braver classmates got out on the dance floor to show them the ropes though our "kind" of music was seriously lacking! It was eye opening for a few of us watching the kids! It's good Claremont has a place for the youngsters to do their thing.

We had new faces joining us this time, Mary Grenier and Steve Lawrence along with his wife Dawn. Thank you guys for coming and we hope you keep joining us! It gets even better as the good weather approaches really! I hadn't seen either of you since high school and you both looked terrific. it was nice catching up even a little bit. Hope to see you both again and catch up even more. Our gatherings are all the better with you there!

Garth, I don't know how you do it man, flying in from LA and still making it to the event all in the same day! Thanks for the memory of those days in Nashua on the Rivier College campus! I'm glad you can still remember that stuff! Jim and Laurie, looking like a couple who have found their soul mates....You answered my question perfectly Jim, on how the "married life" was.... And yes Laurie, I agree, you can't turn a Northern girl into a Southern one! Jim, thanks again for getting us set up there at Time Out.

Jill and Debbie, pals since 1st grade at Maple Ave....that's almost a lifetime, who woulda thought? We need those 1st grade pictures, I bet you two were cute as buttons! And Jill, that BLT was pretty good huh? Rachel and Mike....We can still see a hint of tan from your trip to paradise! Still can't believe you didn't hit the links once! You did Claremont proud winning those contests down there, who says we NHsherites can't entertain with the best of them! Mike you made me so hungry talking about those restaurants and the food there!

Melissa and Gary, you two are priceless...and yes I got all the texts Mel! Raspberries on my mind too! And Gary, thanks for the good words, keeps my fire lit to keep doing this thing. Norm Webb, glad to see you and hear about your job at Sturm. I can tell you love grand kids too. Paul Colfer, very nice talking to you, wish I had chatted with you more often. Am sadden to know you are leaving to return to your climate friendly California. But I'm sure everyone is glad things worked out for you to go back there as we know it has been a dream of yours and wishes you nothing but the best. We hope to see you make the 40th for sure.

Sandy and Sue, its good to have you both around, it is always nice to see you both. we know its a long trip down here for you. Sandy, you have been a steady rock supporting these gatherings, and its really appreciated. Sue thanks for the ideas you suggested.

If I missed anybody, please let me know!

I have to say I had never seen a stein with a tap that could hold a case of beer...pretty interesting concept! Probably tells you all how long its been since I've been in a sports bar! Maybe we need to get out more often....! The bar is very trusting that one of those steins doesn't walk out of there! I also want to thank Mary Hastings, our classmate who hosted us there as owner of Time Out. We wish you success with your venture there.

Other things.

It was popularly agreed, Loon Lake has definitely got to happen again this year. We just need to set a date and work from there. Some other ideas were tossed out for stuff to do this summer. A weekend midnight cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee was suggested. Also the idea of a trip that encompasses going to the top of Mt Washington by way of the Mt Washington Auto Road via shuttle, your vehicle, or bike. I'm sure there are a few of us that probably could still climb it! I would like to interject another idea along the lines of hiking Mt Willard in Crawford Notch which is a moderate climb, but has the most fantastic views for the effort. You will definitely would come away with pictures from up there you will always treasure. I would be happy to lead this hike if any of you are inclined. Anyways, those are just a few things to talk about next time we meet. If anyone has something else to suggest, exotic or not, speak up and let us know, we are always up for new ideas. I do believe we will also want to reserve a date to see Carey Rush again, as he will be playing again over in Little Sunapee Harbor later this summer. He put on a fantastic show last summer and I bet he will top it this pressure now Carey!...

I got a very nice email from one of Lenny Kochis's ex-wives a Lisa Krause. I don't know how she got my email address, but it was very nice of her to take the time to write. She wasn't really able to shed a whole lot more on him as she had lost touch with him as well, but she did say he had children which was good to know. She did give me a link regarding news a woman Lenny had been living with for some time before he passed, who apparently herself, passed away just months before Lenny did. So I am sure that was a double shock for the families involved. She did say she would keep searching for more info.

I also want to put out the word thanking Charlene Reynolds for the nice writeup in the Alumni Newsletter about our activities last summer. Thank you Charlene, well done. I bet a lot of people in the other classes reading that, will be thinking now why aren't we doing stuff like that! Maybe the "class of 74" has started a trend? Also have to put in the subtle reminder, class dues of just $10 are needed to start building our war chest for whatever we want to do for our 40ith. If you can spare more, please try to send in a little extra. Every bit counts. Don't forget your Alumni dues as well, they go hand in hand with supporting an important event for our home town and school. If it weren't for Alumni weekend, Claremont would not have that moment to shine every year, and we wouldn't be building the memories we are.

Amorn and I enjoyed seeing all of you. Apologies to anyone if I didn't get a chance to talk more with you. We can't wait to see you all again.

Wrapping this up, till next time we meet, wishing you all the best.



joshua said...

It was,indeed, a very good time. Glad I got to visit with all of you before we move away. Hopefully I can time my visits east to coincide with reunions. Have a good summertime visit at Loon Lake. I will be back in NH, to attend my niece's wedding, toward the end of July.... hint, hint.

joshua said...

the last post was from Paul, not Josh.

Anonymous said...

Gary & i had a great time cant wait to see ya all again !!